May 08, 2007

Two things

* I sometimes forget that this blog isn't quite as anonymous anymore as it started out.... Hmm. Not bad in itself, but I sometimes catch myself having written stuff that maybe shouldn't have been out here. Or I find out about people reading who I didn't think were reading at all (although this is usually a good thing I think). Oh well.

* One of the things that is suddenly very different since leaving my last job: I don't speak English anymore! My life used to be bilingual. English in the office, a little bit of Dutch/German/French in between; Dutch outside of the office with English mixed in with certain friends and so on. Right now it's all English. Except for the occasional phone call or meeting with non-Dutch friends. Quite bizarre.


cheruchan said...

Do they speak English at Amsterdam City Hall?

machiruda said...

Well, I'm not quite at city hall though... And I think maybe Arabic or something would be more useful! ;)