May 14, 2007

Too many hats?

Sometimes it feels like I'm too busy for my own good. Not often, but at the moment I have a To Do list which is much too long with way too many different things on there.

My evening tonight:
* in the train home studying about local government and the politics behind it all;
* sending out some emails for an ex-student club thing I'm involved in;
* making some phone calls to prepare a meeting that I have on the weekend for a Japanese alumni association;
* continuing on to my inbox from my volunteer work to write some emails and prepare tomorrow's PM meeting;
* finally getting around to having a look at tomorrow's AM meeting and focusing on that for a bit - actually the most important of the list!
* and finishing off with a few jobhunting ideas...

And I wonder why I'm tired. Luckily tomorrow is a day off (well, after my two meetings that is...)

[disclaimer - despite evenings like this, I love the stuff I do. If I wouldn't have things like this to keep me occupied, thinking and challenged I'd turn into one huge couch potato! Yuck.]

1 comment:

cheruchan said...

you forgot helping a friend figure out her plans for the future ;)