May 01, 2007

Koffkes, bollekes & smskes

Okay, trip report on Antwerpen and Leuven before I jump into bed. I was only away on an overnight trip but it feels like a week-long holiday. Perfect example of how good trips don't have to be to far away destinations.

My time in Antwerp was mostly spent wandering the streets and sitting in the sun - along the Schelde river, or on a terrace sipping Belgian beer, or waking up with coffee on the Grote Markt. It didn't matter what, there was sun everywhere. Didn't do much else as I arrived late and most sights turned out to be closed on both days anyway. I didn't really care. The sun was bliss and perfect for clearing my head and making some decisions.

Didn't see much of Leuven either, except a very sunny garden with good food & plenty of champagne and wine. A great afternoon of meeting old friends, talking to new people (I love Flemish! It is too cute!) and celebrating an upcoming wedding (come to think of it, there were no speeches, aren't there always supposed to be speeches?)

And, I should try a new career: professional matchmaker! If all my introductions turn out like this happy couple I could be rich! ;-)

(can you tell I'm trying to keep up the one-post-a-day-momentum?)

(I kept thinking during these past two days that I really really really loved being away from my current life and loved being on foreign trains and wandering through foreign cities... hmmm)


Cookie time said...

but more importantly, did you bring back any devine Belgian chocolates?

machiruda said...

Oops, I knew there was something I'd forgotten... :-/

Andreas said...

Mathilde, it was great you could make it to our party :-) Glad to see you had a good time (even without speeches ;-) ).