May 24, 2007

Random dots

  • I can't make up my mind. I was walking around the Ministry of Economic Affairs this morning and thinking: 'this is the type of work I want to do. International, challenging, etc etc. I should stop bothering with all the rest of it'. Then tonight I was at a civic forum (is that the word?) - participative (is that English?) democracy at a very local level. And thinking 'I want to know more about this, this is fascinating stuff'. Gah. Although admittedly, I suspect the first thought might be recurring more often....
  • am looking for information about legislation in Japan. Can anyone help? I don't know where to look... apparently there's a legal revision entering into force on June 7 (or being confirmed then?) and it should be about day-to-day living conditions of inmates (specifically on death row?). I don't really know where to find out more - this is all I have. Anyone?
  • Two more sleeps until London! Wheeee!
  • Lots of jobhunting stuff to work on - don't know when though...
  • The more I read Japanese over the last few days the more I'm freaking out about the interpreting job. I can't back out anymore, can I? :-/
  • Oh and, my resolutions from the beginning of the week (pc off by 10pm, in bed by 11pm, breakfast!) are failing miserably.... *sigh*

1 comment:

fenneke said...

I always have a packet of those sultana-cookies as breakfast while commuting to work. Not overtly healthy, but it's some form of breakfast and that's the important thing :)
But although 11PM is also my target bedtime somehow I only manage that about once every 3 weeks... although i find that if i work in the garden after dinner it's easier. so maybe a healty evening stroll around the block? ;)