May 16, 2007


I should probably write this in Dutch, but let's not confuse too many people.

Just stumbled onto Zezunja's post on the Dutch de-lurking week*. A fairly hilarious idea I thought, and I know there are plenty of people reading this but not making themselves known, i.e. lurkers.

Now is the time. From 14th May until the 20th May.

I look forward to finding out who else unexpected is reading!

* There should also be an international/English week, but haven't been able yet to find out when. January, I think?


R van InR said...

I'm not lurking, through Zezunja's post I arrived at your blog for the first time tonight. The de-lurking week pays off.

Jules said...

Well, I don't lurk since I post occassionally on your blog, but I thought I would make my presence known!

machiruda said...

Yay, thanks for replying! :-)

And welcome r van inr - I've also been discovering some new blogs already, quite fun!