May 04, 2007

A quick work post

Just because I guess I should update with what's going on:

# a three-day-a-week job is great! Unfortunately my bankaccount is not so great :-/
# even though the job itself is supposed to be quite administrative, my boss almost immediately started to put me onto some of his other projects. It feels so good actually to be taken seriously again, to have someone respect and value your opinion, and to be thinking again!
# I share the office of my boss and am going to learn so much from him. Very good.
# it's also quite the social experiment. I've never been particularly good at just talking to random people but at the moment I don't really have a choice unless I want to have lunch by myself every single day.
# working in Amsterdam is fun! I really should move there.
# have a couple of quite exciting (scary?) informational interviews scheduled...
# have been invited to test my interviewing skills for a column in a national magazine. Still trying to figure out how I can make that meeting next week, but I really should go.

All in all, although unemployment was fun and it would have been good to have it last longer than just one measly week, resigning and then taking this temp gig was a pretty good decision.

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