May 18, 2007


I admit that I don't particularly like phones. I would much rather make appointments and communicate through email - especially if it's something where it is important to make a good impression and then the phone just seems a lot more risky.

But, I also do see that it is so much more effective. In my last job almost everything would be communicated through email. I tend to do this as well in my current job but my boss picks up the phone, or even better, gets up and walks over to the other office even if he's busy doing other stuff. And he gets things done immediately.

Not surprising of course. And I don't really know why I don't like phones but I'm definitely going to change my ways with this.

Am I the only one like this? I can't be alone in my dislike of phones, right?

On a similar note, someone said the other day that texting should be illegal in romantic relationships. Absolutely. So why aren't we picking up the phone to actually talk to eachother? Gah.

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