November 21, 2005

Why I love my house: part 2

Kitchen things: Kitty-chan and the Kikkoro&Morizo-duo

November 20, 2005


With my renewed connectivity to the internet I have rediscovered my favourite online radiostream: JungleTrain.
A lot of live drum'n'bass all day. Yay :)

Hopefully this will give me the inspiration I need for my next batch of job applications...

November 16, 2005


I'm bored out of my mind at work, and I decided to start researching a bit about Barcelona. I'm going there in about two months, early January, for just a weekend. Can't wait!
It's raining and getting cold here, I have no money, and well... I just needed something to look forward to.

Barcelona is a city where I have wanted to go for years now. All my friends who've been have come back to tell me that it is a city I will absolutely love. So now I'm off to see for myself.

I'm looking around some of the travelsites but I hadn't expected this much of a difference between them. It's funny to see that some sites (think: Rough Guides) are really really good with the information that they give about destinations but that their interaction with travellers is crap.

Alternatively, others (think: Lonely Planet) have hardly any actual travel information - e.g. about Barcelona art it just mentions that '[it] will beckon you from museums and streetsides'(but exactly from which museums or streets it conveniently forgets to mention). That is corrected though by a travel forum with 'high traffic', so to speak. You want to know what the best pubs in Osaka are? You'll have an answer within hours. What bus you should take when going from A to B in the jungle of Guatamala? Again, you won't have to wait long for this.

It's kind of weird that LP is not able to offer better information on the official part of the site, especially since they are one of the largest travelbook companies around. It would actually also improve the forum as it will not be clogged up with the same easy google-able questions. Maybe the philosophy is that it will decrease guidebook sales? I will now probably look into buying something else than LP more seriously considering the huge differences online, so maybe they should rethink this.

But who knows, maybe there is a place which has both? Suggestions anyone?

November 08, 2005

Warning: [jobrant]

So I just got called back about why I was rejected without even being asked in for an interview for this amazing job. A job with which my cv matches for about 95%. The best match (on paper, and in real life) that I've come across so far. Okay, that sounds too theoretical. Aside from all the theorizing, this is the job I want.
But, it's what I was afraid of: too little work experience. My six months in a highly relevant organisation doing highly relevant work is not enough (they ask one year minimum). I don't have enough experience in a policymaking field/organisation/whatever.

Okay, fine. Can't say it really surprises me - although I was surprised that they wouldn't give me the benefit of the doubt even this early.
But, how am I ever supposed to get this experience if no one is offering junior positions in this type of work? I fear I'll end up being stuck in this dumb administrative job for most of the coming year which will not give me anything extra if I decide to apply for this or similar work again. (Speaking of which, still undecided about a possible formal extension of work here. I don't want it. But, it would be sensible to take it.)

(And of course I forgot to ask the person on the phone if she had any additional tips or suggestions about my application strategies...)

I sooo much hate this jobhunting stuff. I want it to be over. Now.

Okay, I'll shut up now. Don't want to be going on about this but it's difficult to not be bothered about it...

November 07, 2005

I only have one thing to say:

I absolutely love love LOVE my new house!

I hadn't realized how much I missed all my things, after having had them in boxes for nearly a year now. Plus, I have my own kitchen and an actual bedroom and a real living room!
Well, I can go on but I think you can guess that I'm very very happy with my new place. Yay!

November 02, 2005

Happy anniversary!

To my blog!
It's been a year since my first blog post (although that one is incredibly unremarkable). Yay :D

I've got about 85 posts over a year. That sounds like very little, but not too bad really. Better than I was expecting at least!

Some things (I think) I should try to do more:
- pictures! (but I need a digital camera for that, or at least my J-phone which causes technical complications)
- images! (translation: I need to learn more code....)
- either stop the randomness, or find a way of categorizing or something so that it becomes less random
- .... (I'm sure there are plenty more improvements to be thought of...)