November 08, 2005

Warning: [jobrant]

So I just got called back about why I was rejected without even being asked in for an interview for this amazing job. A job with which my cv matches for about 95%. The best match (on paper, and in real life) that I've come across so far. Okay, that sounds too theoretical. Aside from all the theorizing, this is the job I want.
But, it's what I was afraid of: too little work experience. My six months in a highly relevant organisation doing highly relevant work is not enough (they ask one year minimum). I don't have enough experience in a policymaking field/organisation/whatever.

Okay, fine. Can't say it really surprises me - although I was surprised that they wouldn't give me the benefit of the doubt even this early.
But, how am I ever supposed to get this experience if no one is offering junior positions in this type of work? I fear I'll end up being stuck in this dumb administrative job for most of the coming year which will not give me anything extra if I decide to apply for this or similar work again. (Speaking of which, still undecided about a possible formal extension of work here. I don't want it. But, it would be sensible to take it.)

(And of course I forgot to ask the person on the phone if she had any additional tips or suggestions about my application strategies...)

I sooo much hate this jobhunting stuff. I want it to be over. Now.

Okay, I'll shut up now. Don't want to be going on about this but it's difficult to not be bothered about it...


pinkbonny said...

Willy-nilly,life sometimes is a little bit like a labyrinth. Some of us can get the destination without a sweat, (for me, they are so-called lucky dog^^), some reach the goal through an arduous journey, some, even have endeavoured lot to achieve it, but at last are in vain.
But will the lucky dogs go into raptures when they get what they want soooo easily? I suppose they are not as happy as the second type. How about the last ones? Eventually they got an unique exciting life experience.
You can find a good job,surely! Maybe at that time you will thank God for giving you such a "miserable" time in your life, to help you cherish the opportunity you've got at last.
I'm writing all these to you coz you remind me myself, yes, myself 3years ago.I also experienced the misery of jobhunting time,(actually I suppose almost everybody has that experience), soooo wordlessly depressing and frustrating, I understand you and please believe me, you will be through it soon.
Come on,cheer up machiruda!

BTW, won't you feel it's quite meaningless and boring when you look back and find out that there is nothing but rhathymia in ur life?^^

Kanakana said...

It was really surprising for me as well to hear the news... And I do understand exactly how you feel now coz I had the same experience this summer in the same field! However, you should not depressed or frustrated. There must be an interesting job you just don't know yet. I'm sure you will find out a good new job soon. And, there may be another way to go for your career. Ohhh, machiruda, i wish we could go to izakaya and talk more about our future!!!
Just take a rest if possible and keep your chin up!!!!!

machiruda said...

Cheers girls :)

Just not a fun week, but yay, the weekend is here so that makes it all better! I know that I will find something cool, and that I need to be patient. My current job has just become a bit more secure so that's good.

And bonny, about those people who usually get things easily, that sounds strangely like me! So I know I'm complaining about nothing...