January 27, 2005

Settling in?

Here I was, typing away about how my life in Tokyo is coming together, and there goes the newly installed internetconnection. I guess I'm not so settled in yet, huh...

So, where was I....
It feels as if Tokyo is now just about ready to start on me. I'm now living in a room of my own, just hooked up my pc to the LANnetwork (but well, yes, uhm...), am loving my keitai (very pink!), the infamous Alien Card is being processed as we speak, as well as my bankaccount. All going well then.

Work is also still fine. Am doing different things at the moment which is good. The largest political party in Japan (LDP or Liberal Democratic Party) is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. While I'm not wholely convinced that that is a good thing, it's bringing some interesting opportunities along. Such as listening to former PM Yasuhiro Nakasone recounting his views on the current state of Japan. Turning 86 this year, he was refused to run for a new term as PM recently because of this age. So yes, an interesting afternoon. And, someone had thought that it would be nice to give the Dutch people VIPseats on the second row. Well, I'm not complaining :)

What else? Oh, I'm finally re-discovering the areas in Tokyo. Which is good because it also means that I'm re-discovering some very cool places. Like my favourite ラーメン屋 in Ikebukuro. 'Ramen' are Japanese noodles and soooo nice. There's even a museum in Yokohama! So much fun, because - of course - you can try out all kinds of ramen from all over the country. Yokohama seems to be the place for foodmuseums anyway. Just found out that there is also a 'museum' on Chinese food so hoping to go there soon. Check back for a report on that :)
Harajuku is turning into one of my favourite areas of the city. I already liked it before but I'm discovering more and more nice places. Omotesando is fun, the broad street with the trees, exclusive shops etc. But right behind it are tiny little alleys with the coolest boutiques, funky coffeeshops, great (and empty!) restaurants. Can't wait for summer as this seems to be one of the few places where you can sit and eat outdoors in Tokyo! And, apparently there's cool architecture in that area also. Such as this building at Omotesando

January 25, 2005

More on North Korea and Japan

In case anyone was getting impatient with my digital efforts: my thesis is on-line!

Japan and North Korea; How the abduction issue has frozen bilateral relations

Enjoy! I'm interested to hear any of your comments, so leave a message, or email me!

Kim vs Koizumi -- a neverending story?

I cannot help but be amazed at the continuing chaos surrounding Japan and North Korea.
You can read about the latest part of the saga here:

North Korea dismisses Japan's DNA test

North Korea is now accusing Japan of fabricating a story, which Japan already claimed to be North Korea's fabrication - fake DNA.
You would think that both sides would realize at some point that this issue needs to be closed so both states can go back to their normal lives and normal politics! Much more important issues are at stake, aren't there?

January 11, 2005

Tokyo... the big mikan

I'm finally here. Tokyo... one of the world's largest cities. And, strangely enough, it feels pretty normal! I've had my first onigiri and kaitensushi. Have been stared at by silly Japanese people. Have been bothered by Japanese trying out their English. Have been amazed at Japanese tv. In other words, this city is still the same as last time ;)
On a more serious note, I've also visited my future working place. Wow... pretty amazing building, everything's there including a swimming pool. Yay! My work will be partly research (and here I was, thinking I'd never ever have to do that again!) but sounds interesting and of course I get to do other stuff as well.
Anyways, only one free day left before I start my life as a 社会人 [shakaijin = 'society person'/that period in life in which you have a job and therefore are considered an official part of society]!
All I need now is a keitai...

A good start of 2005, which was starting off much better than expected in all respects already!