August 31, 2008

Hm, a problem?

I like Boston. I really like it - it's diverse, the people seem relaxed, it's well taken care of, and it has something to offer for everyone.

But I have a problem. One that I was afraid would happen. And one of the reasons why I chose to be out on a ship for four hours and be very cold and wet yesterday (but see whales!). I am fed up of being in a city, of being surrounded by too many people, of too much time spent waiting for subways and buses.

I am hoping that being on a train non-stop for eight hours today will get rid of this feeling. No constant need to interact with people, just me and my book. Because I have another two weeks of city ahead of me....

August 30, 2008


So far, very cool!

And whales absolutely rock!

More later.

August 27, 2008

First impressions

Part of the reason for me to go to the United States is to see if America is really as crazy and weird as the media (and some Americans) have led me to believe.

So far, I've seen plenty to surprise me.
The madness started this morning when I had to answer a series of 'security questions' after checking in for my flight to NY in Zurich. I still don't really see the point of asking people if they are carrying a bomb and I was quite bemused by the range of questions.

Getting into the city after that was easy, and walking up from the subway I couldn't stop thinking that it really is all just like in the movies.

My friend's apartment is in the middle of East Village, and we spent the evening reminiscing about our last encounters (this is the fourth continent we meet at) and how she likes New York to live in.

But before I got to see her, I needed to waste some time away. Part of me was too excited to do nothing, part of me was too tired after the 5am start. As a compromise, I'm writing this in Washington Square Park: watching people, drinking iced coffee, and being generally amazed and entertained by the goings-on around me:
- there are squirrels in the park! In the middle of NYC!
- a girl next to me was trying to study while letting out her dog for a walk. Uhm, right. How's that for procrastination.
- I've already scored my first phonenumber. Although I don't think I should be boasting about this one.
- a man is getting changed behind a tree.
- people really do wear Obama 2008 t-shirts in public.

I think I may get to like this city...

August 25, 2008

Ah, holidays!

I have fixed my final work thing. After freaking out all day it turned out to be over with in one phone call and four emails. That was definitely the best case scenario!

So, now that that is over and done with I finally feel as if I'm on holiday. Woohoo.
I have my first week fixed (NY -> Boston -> DC), I'm reading up about my destinations in my new travel guides (yes, multiple - why is there not one guide with all these three cities, apart from the huge USA-book?) and am listening to a brand new and very happy CD by the Black Kids (thanks to Autres Choses for the discovery!)


August 23, 2008

Huh, holidays?

This summer at work has been very busy. Getting used to a slightly changed position, suddenly having to work very closely together with a new colleague, still handling most things of my old position etc etc has meant that I haven't noticed anything of the so-called 'komkommertijd'. Non-existent in my line of work clearly.

It also means that I've really been enjoying my summer at work - and looking at all the things happening at my place of work, the timing of my switch couldn't have been better.

Now, I'm suddenly on leave for the next three weeks. It hasn't really set in yet, partly because I have one unresolved work issue nagging in my head. Should be dealt with by Monday, hopefully.

And then... I'm off to a whole new part of the world.
I don't really know what to expect of these 2,5 weeks in Northeastern USA. The organisation of it all hasn't been very relaxed, mostly because I don't usually organize but am now forced to. Timing is off, as I'm in the middle of Labor Day Weekend which seems to limit my options. And I want to rely on public transport as much as I can which seems to limit my options.

Next year - back to Asia/Eastern Europe/etc where I seem to be able to go without planning. Much better suited to my type of travel!

Expect stories about the craziness of the USA during the next few weeks though. Yay!

August 13, 2008

Growing up

I'm starting a new adventure, and one that seems very scary: searching for a new house.

Which includes talking about mortgages, researching about what a new house will mean, walking through neighbourhouds in a fairly unknown city, and spending hours online on real estate sites.

This has always been something that I am not sure I would ever be doing, but somehow, strangely, now feels kind of right.
If anything, I'm really looking forward to discovering a new city, when I do finally move!

August 01, 2008


I just almost set my kitchen on fire. Twice.

I don't think I've ever seen such huge flames coming out of a fryingpan and I grew up in a professional kitchen so that means something.

No clue what's going on with me this week.
Everything seems to be going wrong (all little stuff, mind); I'm angry about the tiniest things; I drop everything; etc etc. Not to mention that work is completely chaotic, I don't get anything done, my to-do list is only growing and so on.

At least I took today off and spent a few hours outside, drinking coffee, reading, enjoying the sun - but this kitchen disaster has pretty much driven away that relaxedness!

Oh well. It's the weekend. I have a big trip coming up in a few weeks. And apart from this tenseness life is pretty good I guess. Still. It needs to go away. Any tips?