August 27, 2008

First impressions

Part of the reason for me to go to the United States is to see if America is really as crazy and weird as the media (and some Americans) have led me to believe.

So far, I've seen plenty to surprise me.
The madness started this morning when I had to answer a series of 'security questions' after checking in for my flight to NY in Zurich. I still don't really see the point of asking people if they are carrying a bomb and I was quite bemused by the range of questions.

Getting into the city after that was easy, and walking up from the subway I couldn't stop thinking that it really is all just like in the movies.

My friend's apartment is in the middle of East Village, and we spent the evening reminiscing about our last encounters (this is the fourth continent we meet at) and how she likes New York to live in.

But before I got to see her, I needed to waste some time away. Part of me was too excited to do nothing, part of me was too tired after the 5am start. As a compromise, I'm writing this in Washington Square Park: watching people, drinking iced coffee, and being generally amazed and entertained by the goings-on around me:
- there are squirrels in the park! In the middle of NYC!
- a girl next to me was trying to study while letting out her dog for a walk. Uhm, right. How's that for procrastination.
- I've already scored my first phonenumber. Although I don't think I should be boasting about this one.
- a man is getting changed behind a tree.
- people really do wear Obama 2008 t-shirts in public.

I think I may get to like this city...

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cheruchan said...

Waah, klinkt echt tof meis, veel plezier!