August 23, 2008

Huh, holidays?

This summer at work has been very busy. Getting used to a slightly changed position, suddenly having to work very closely together with a new colleague, still handling most things of my old position etc etc has meant that I haven't noticed anything of the so-called 'komkommertijd'. Non-existent in my line of work clearly.

It also means that I've really been enjoying my summer at work - and looking at all the things happening at my place of work, the timing of my switch couldn't have been better.

Now, I'm suddenly on leave for the next three weeks. It hasn't really set in yet, partly because I have one unresolved work issue nagging in my head. Should be dealt with by Monday, hopefully.

And then... I'm off to a whole new part of the world.
I don't really know what to expect of these 2,5 weeks in Northeastern USA. The organisation of it all hasn't been very relaxed, mostly because I don't usually organize but am now forced to. Timing is off, as I'm in the middle of Labor Day Weekend which seems to limit my options. And I want to rely on public transport as much as I can which seems to limit my options.

Next year - back to Asia/Eastern Europe/etc where I seem to be able to go without planning. Much better suited to my type of travel!

Expect stories about the craziness of the USA during the next few weeks though. Yay!


Cookie said...

have loads and loads of fun and say hi to NYC for me

jaime. said...

Hi! I'm also an expat living in the Netherlands! It's great to stumble across your site! :)

I'm also looking to find if any expats know ANYTHING about where I could potentially find a club to play soccer for in the Haarlem/Amsterdam area... any ideas, even on where to search?!

I look forward to visiting your blog again! If you have any questions about NYC/Northeast USA (where I'm from!) don't hesitate to ask! I hope this message gets to you before you leave!

jaime. said...

Oh, and I voted that you go to the beach on the Jersey shore... it will give you a nice relaxing break from all the sight-seeing... and MANY of the beach cities in Jersey are gorgeous! Ocean City Maryland is also and option! You could also visit beaches of NY on Long Island (Long Beach is nice, Fire Island, The Hamptons, etc!)