August 31, 2008

Hm, a problem?

I like Boston. I really like it - it's diverse, the people seem relaxed, it's well taken care of, and it has something to offer for everyone.

But I have a problem. One that I was afraid would happen. And one of the reasons why I chose to be out on a ship for four hours and be very cold and wet yesterday (but see whales!). I am fed up of being in a city, of being surrounded by too many people, of too much time spent waiting for subways and buses.

I am hoping that being on a train non-stop for eight hours today will get rid of this feeling. No constant need to interact with people, just me and my book. Because I have another two weeks of city ahead of me....


Jules said...

Can you get out of the city and go up to Vermont to go hiking? Or go to some small beachside town and walk along the beach?

Trying to think of city alternatives for you. Personally, I love being in cities, esp at the moment when I am living in an isolated area on a military base the size of a small town (about 2000 people). I love being in "civilisation" surrounded by people who don't know who I am and don't know what I had for breakfast that morning.

But I can understand you wanting the peace and quiet that a city can't give you.

Kae said...

Hah... by now, I hope you found a sort of comfortable peace in D.C!

I absolutely enjoyed Chicago for the Labor Day weekend. Now I'm back in city for work and counting down to the U.S. Open final.....

C u sooooon ;)