May 22, 2007


I tend to make lists of stuff I need to do. And then generally don't pay any attention to them.

Lately I've been doing much better though. As in: my lists are long....! And the good thing about the current lists is that I'm really paying attention to them and that there's a fair bit of crossing off to be done as well. Excellent. I feel I'm actually making progress.

Unfortunately the length of these lists is not diminishing as new stuff is added even quicker than I can work to get rid of the old stuff.


As always this is again proof that I need to be busy to actually get myself into gear and working. Gah. And currently I'm not even getting around to the more important (but more difficult and time-consuming) things. Like tomorrow's meetings.... I know I'll hate myself for this in the morning.

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chimera said...

I'm a lister, too. And when it comes to tasks I cheat by breaking them down into individual steps so I get to cross out more stuff to feel more efficient...whatever works, right?