April 07, 2007

Decadence foiled

During that evening in the pub with friends, that I mentioned in the previous post, we came to a brilliant idea.

We've been saying for ages that we want to be eating out more, make more of an occassion of doing things and so on. So, as we have a weekend planned in Friesland in September, we decided that would be the perfect opportunity to have dinner on the way, in this restaurant.

De Librije is one of the few 3-star Michelin restaurants in the Netherlands. If we want to be eating out more, and want to make these nights a proper occassion, what better way than to go here, right?

Alas, our opportunity at being decadent will have to wait: Friday nights are booked up completely for at least the next year!

(Which then begs the question, who plans dinner a year (!?) in advance?)


Brian said...

.. :)So the decadence lies more in the fact, having to plan a dinner a year in advance, then to spend a 150 or so euro's on an empty plate ... ;-))) That's called Double Decadence Machi!! :-)

machiruda said...

Hmm, indeed huh. Because it looks like we'll be doing just that: booking a year in advance! Pffff. I don't even know what I'm doing next month, let alone next year! ;)