April 06, 2007


If it wouldn't be because of the ultimate lack of money resulting from not working, I could definitely continue my lifestyle of the last week indefinitely.

My first (and for the moment, last) full week of being unemployed was very mixed with activities but very good too.

Didn't do as much jobhunting-related stuff as I had hoped, although I did find a temporary part-time job which could be very interesting due to the organisation it is at. It does mean that I start next week already!

Much of the rest of the days have gone mostly like today:

* meeting in the morning to organize some things for a sake tasting in a few weeks time, which started with coffee and catching up;
* respond to voicemail from a friend, and head to cafe with one of the people from the meeting to meet voicemail-friend on a canal-terrace;
* on the way there, pop in to bookshop to order Kurosawa's dvds;
* hang out in the sun for a few coffees;
* head home to do some computer stuff, in the meantime making more plans for evening and the next day;
* cook a dinner, which should turn out yummy;
* meet friends in pub for beer and fun.

:: repeat ad infinitum ::


Brian said...

These are nice things to repeat ad infinitum :) and sounds like a good starting-week of unemployment (the nice weather seems a suspected reason for being quited .. ;)) Maybe your temporary job will be the beginning of something interesting indeed! Hope your dinner is as yummie as the rest of your day :) Brian.

Cookie time said...

yay for unexpected plans! and yay even more for 3 day work weeks, now there's something I could get used to quickly ;-)

machiruda said...

@Brian/cookie, yup, this has definitely been a good week... and am looking forward to whatever comes next :)