April 25, 2007


Today started somewhat unexpectedly - coffee and cake in honour of Johan Cruijff's 60th birthday!

I was wondering why there were balloons outside of my office building but well, this was the explanation.

[To not confuse the non-Dutchies too much, this isn't a national holiday. There is actually a proper reason (well...) why it was celebrated at my place of work but that would be giving away a bit much]


Cookie time said...

I have to say that I think the media exposure is very much out of proportion. Okay, he is considered the God of soccer, but for crying out loud an entire evening of television for a birthday of someone is just plain ridiculous. Don't you think?

machiruda said...

Yup, it's quite ridiculous isn't it... Not using my tv much lately so have missed most of it, but still *rolls eyes*