April 09, 2007

And another one

Another first experience in the jobhunting-debacle, that is.

I'm getting ready to start an on-line test as a follow-up to a job application that I sent out recently. I have no idea what to expect. Never done assessment or psychological tests yet, and this should supposedly only take an hour or so, so I'm not sure what they are looking to get out of it. I also don't know if all applicants need to do this, or if there has been a first selection already. I'm guessing (and hoping) for the latter, which makes me feel just a bit better about my recent attempts again.

As with phone interviews, which I talked about a while ago, I think there's probably a similar philosophy for these online tests to do from home: don't be lounging on your couch while taking it, don't be dressed in your pyjamas, etc.

So, here I am, awake after coffee and breakfast, dressed, at my desk, (almost) logged out of my various windows, ready to tackle this thing...

*deep breath*


Jules said...

Good luck!

I've done a lot of assessment testing for various job applications, and they fall into two categories: psychometric testing (personality profiling) and apptitude testing.

You can't study for either, and you can't "fail" either - you are either suitable for the role, or not.

I hope it goes well.

Brian said...

Hi Machi! I think from my personal (and professional point of view ;) that the result of a test and being suitable for a job are two entire different worlds :) Tests can be interesting for a broader perspective in personality and things, but is in my opinion a narrow and unsuiteble way in judging for job-selection procedures. Don't take them to seriously or personel in your search of a fine job :-) Hug, Brian