April 17, 2007

Back to work

After a week of mostly fun and playing outside, it's back to doing some work. Because there are so many different things going on I haven't exactly settled into a routine yet on how to spend my week with working three days a week, and needing time to get some other things back on track.

So, the evenings this week are mostly devoted to meetings:

- working out a new plan for the alumni-organisation that I'm involved in. Basically, trying to figure out a way to strengthen and expand the network of alumni. Pretty interesting to be involved in, am curious if the plan we have in mind will actually work!

- getting my volunteer work on human rights set up; I've been working on it on and off for a few months but can't really get it started. I'm a bit lost with what I'm supposed to be doing and how I can do this best. The next few weeks should make that a bit clearer, I hope.

- more alumni-type stuff, but for a different kind of 'network'. Less formal and more silly/goofy. Yay.

- oh, and then there's a re-formatting of the Bus People Project, which is long long long overdue...

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