March 14, 2007

The Bus People

I've been working at the same office for over 1,5 years - commuting there every day by bus, mostly with the same people. I say 'mostly' - when I get to the bus stop in the mornings and there is no one there who I recognize I panick and assume I've missed my bus.

However, recently I started to realize that I don't actually know any of these people. We all work at the same office. We all travel on the same bus. But, except for a friendly nod in the mornings hardly anyone talks to each other and the few people that I know I only got to know because we completely accidently got to work together on a project.

After an evening of discussion, chatting and inspiration with cheruchan I've now decided to do this differently. Why don't I know these people?

I have six working days = 12 bus rides left to organize a drink in a pub in town somewhere for these Bus People. It'll be quite a challenge, and I think I'll need a night to figure out an effective way of making this after-work-drink seem like a good plan to the others on the bus. Scary too. But, if it works, it'd be very very cool.

The aim is to get people talking to each other, instead of staring out of the window not caring about others. Of course, even if people show up to whatever I organize, I still won't be able to tell if that will actually be the result as I'm not on that bus anymore... Still, looking forward to trying to organize this challenge.

Expect an update!

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