March 28, 2007


Strangely enough, although late '20s would be about the time that people start having kids, my social circle has been very empty of kids so far. Buying houses and talk of mortgages - yes. Weddings and hen nights - yes. Kids or pregnancy stories - no.

So, Sunday's toy shopping for tonight's dinner was quite out of the ordinary. But in a sense also perfectly rationalize-able - after all, the couple that I visited are in their late '30s.

It was still weird being in a toyshop though - trying to pick out a cool toy for a new(-ish; with all the hecticness of the past year we've been out of touch for a while) baby boy. Luckily, he loved it. His parents will have to live with the constant rattling of it I fear... And an evening of wearing the boy out so he'd sleep and trying not to wake him up again after he finally did sleep.

It'll be a different world when this starts happening to friends closer to me....


Trees said...

Don't worry, we'll be on the waiting list for a couple more years!

mitsutaka said...


nostalgic pics...sonuds good to me.i feel you are fulfilling your life.


machiruda said...

Hehe, and Trees, you won't even help me with the weird pregnancy stories! ;-)

Taka, good to see you here! I don't know if I'm fulfilling my life but I'm trying :)