March 07, 2007


The most exciting thing so far that I had to translate? "How can we get internet access?". Well, so far for my exciting satellite building crash course, I guess...

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So, I'm heading into my last month at current place of work. Or to be exact, only 2 working weeks and a few days left (me? counting?).

Surprisingly, the next two weeks might be the most challenging yet:
On top of the translation shuttle, the so called P70AE Azimuth over Elevation configuration will be used. The positioner is controlled by ACxxx controller in combination with ACyyy Power Control Units

Can someone translate that into English? Oh wait, that'll be my job... from Japanese to be exact.

I can only say that my department is SO lucky to have a secretary who just happens to speak Japanese.

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fenneke said...

that shouldn't be so hard though? it will probably sound as something like
"toransuration shattaru sate wa, P70AE azimutto oba erebashion to iu conbigurashion tsukareru you ni narou. Poshichiona wa ACxxx kontoroura to ACyyy pauwaa kontorouru unitto to ktsugou ni kontorouri shite arimasu."