March 07, 2007

A preview of stories to come: Russian bureaucracy

In reality, I suppose I really am quite a spoiled traveller - I've hardly ever been to countries with difficult visas; if I do go there than for whatever reason the visas are easy; have never really had to travel ultra-budget or in a very poor developing country.

The five days in St. Petersburg could therefore provide a whole new experience:

- I'm travelling on a business visa, but going for tourism. Hmm... how honest should I be about what upon arrival?

- I'm staying at a Russian family which means I need to register at the local authorities because I'm a foreigner... Luckily I will have Russians to accompany me to do these, and it being St. Petersburg and not some forgotten hole in Siberia should make things much easier too. It could still potentially be quite interesting of course!

Stay tuned :-D


Bernadette said...

Don't be (honest upon arrival).
it's just a tip

Anonymous said...

I agree, you'd better not be honest about traveling as a tourist on a business visa. However try to keep the lie as close to the truth as possible. (worked for me!) And, cheer up! It's not Israel, so it can't be that hard! Besides you're on a 5 day tourist trip, that's hardly very illegal!