March 19, 2007

Saint Petersburg - or: escape from Real Life

Now that I'm on a plane again, I've resorted back to my tiny notebook from China & Baikonur to write down my impressions. It strikes me again how I should do this in real life as well.

Because sitting in an airplane flying off to a new place doesn't feel like real life. At all. And yet it's the only thing I feel like doing over these past few weeks.

Sitting here I almost get a 'flash-forward' to the time that I still have left until April. That flight is more extreme though - a mystery trip, of sorts. I'm on my way somewhere, but I don't know when this plane is landing, or where that landing place will be. And that's just until April.

More in general, life over the past 1,5 years has felt like a rollercoaster. A very long and windy one, with high ascents immediately followed by deep plunges.

I love rollercoasters. I love the thrill of being on one, the adrenaline screaming through your body. Not anymore though. Can we stop the ride? This one is going on for too long, I can't see the finish and whatever is in between is too fogged over to see. I'm tired of this, I want to jump off.

The comparison doesn't completely match of course. With a rollercoaster you finish at the same place as you started. And that's not the case for me. I'm heading to a better place and knowing that, I'll hang on to the ride for now instead of jumping out of the carriage. Those things never work out well.


For now, I'm descending towards Pulkovo-2 airport, where I'll be met by a friend who I haven't seen for 1,5 years. Bring on the vodka!

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