April 26, 2007

Travel preparations

One of my favourite things (but you probably knew that).

For now though, I'm not going anywhere far away. Just to a close-by place I've never been to: Antwerp.

It's only 2 hours (less?) by train away, but I've never actually gotten out of the train there. So, taking advantage of the pre-wedding party in Leuven next week, I'm planning to spend a day there to see why Antwerp is supposed to be so nice. Expect some new pictures next week! (and if you have any suggestions of things to see and do I'd love to hear it!)

And... *whispers* I'm looking at tickets to London.... Mostly to get away, see some friends and just have fun but it might be the right time to start looking more seriously at job opportunities there as well....


Cookie time said...

don't forget that the train to antwerp leaves from DH HS and not from central, as I realised this weeking, making me late for a meeting by an hour!!! gah! Antwerp is cool though, have fun!

machiruda said...

oh, thanks for the tip! Still haven't thought about any of it, just booked accomodation (I hope at least) and will try to get tickets tomorrow... wheee! :-D