February 10, 2007

The saga (again)

It recently occurred to me that after 1,5 years of updating cv's, agonizing, writing letters, networking, doing interviews, procrastinating, waiting impatiently and everything else that is associated with the never-ending saga of my jobhunt I could have filled a dedicated blog with my adventures. *

Early next week I will have a new first experience: a phone interview.

I just got home to find an invitation for this interview in my inbox. Very happy of course.

Especially because I was angry with myself today as I neglected to send in the formal application for the job that I'll be interviewing for! I still don't quite understand how this happened and I really really hope that this isn't some weird mistake... (or that I will wake up in the morning to find it was only a dream!) *fingers crossed*

To avoid panicking, I'll put off thinking about potential problems until after the interview (relocating to a different country within three weeks should be, uhm ... , interesting)

* I was briefly considering to start one up for my internet-dating adventures (well....) but maybe I should just focus on one/two blogs for now.

1 comment:

5straatjes said...

I've only done one phone interview. I prepared for it the same way I would for a regular interview including dressing for it and sitting at a table rather than lounging around.

The bit that was weird was that the interview was with three people and at first it wasn't easy to know who was speaking.

Oh and I got it.