February 15, 2007


Either I have done something incredibly stupid... or this will be the push that I need to do something different: I've resigned from my job.

[numb silence]

Haven't heard a thing from the phone interview, but I need out. I have been very unhappy at my current job and it's only getting worse. I just spoke to my boss on the phone but spending the day at the office tomorrow will be, uhm, interesting.

And please, can someone reassure me that it won't be too difficult to find something new as of April 1st?



daniel said...

wow, thats a big one hey.

seriously, you should come to london. seriously, you should really come to london!

there is a lot of chances here, more than in holland. there is a lot of money too. and a lot of interesting people.

it will be a slightly bigger step as going to utrecht or amsterdam. but then again, there is only a northsea to cross.

a 40 minute flight for very few euros through easyjet!

fenneke said...

good for you girl!
and i'm sure you'll find something else. Don't know if london is the right idea, but since you're after a real 'career-job', it might indeed be an option. I would miss you though, so maybe not london? choices, choices...

machiruda said...

Hmm, London huh? I'll start looking into it... maybe there is something there that I can't find here?

@Fen, thanks :)

The day at the office is thankfully over and luckily everyone seems to actually understand which I hadn't expected. Very good :-D

daniel leussink said...

there is a lot over here so i am sure you could find something that will be challenging.

but everything is very fast over here, so you would really need to give it a try and really want it.

its not difficult though - in the last two nights i had two interesting dinners that made my head a bit clearer on working in london.

drop me a line if you are seriously interested in it.