February 18, 2007

And now for something different

With all these jobhunting posts of the last few weeks, you'd think I've slunk away in a corner being depressed. Luckily this isn't quite the case, so some highlights of this month:

  • movies at the IFFR, with this year's favourite being My mother is a bellydancer, a very cute and touching Hongkong movie about belly dance classes and the lives of the women taking them.

  • new discoveries while out in Amsterdam: Studio 80, a club not trying to be very fancy or anything but that just plays good music. And not completely club-related but spending an evening with YouAct was very entertaining too. Not only to finally see what one of my best friends is involved in with her work, but being around a very fun group of Europeans (I think we had 10 nationalities out of 13 people). And it was a trip down memory lane... bad Brits for knowing so many drinking games (and making me be all nostalgic for Australian and Japanese nights out)!

  • and there's more coming... The Decemberists on Wednesday and another international weekend after that. Yay for the internet

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