February 28, 2007


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One of the things we did on our international weekend with visiting friends from all over (well, Germany, the US & the UK) was to give them an introduction to Dutch streetfood.

Strangely enough, I never really think of the Netherlands as having streetfood (except for maybe Belgian fries with big blobs of mayonaise) but wandering the market with DutchCookie changed my mind.

The herring that we tried was very good, and later on we had coffee with a freshly baked stroopwafel while touring some scenic alleyways of Leiden. In the rain though. Ah well, I suppose that is the Dutch way to do it.


Cookie time said...

nothing like eating a raw herring to get you really "inbuggered" ;-)

machiruda said...

Indeed! I wonder if they have practical things like that on the exam? ;-)