January 26, 2007

The future

The future to me is undefined. Mythical, almost. A fantasy, far away, one that you will never reach.

Imagine my shock that all of a sudden events which used to have a mythical sound to it are turning out to be real.

A plan that was thought up eight years ago, and that we all laughed about as it was just funny, but come on, who really thought it would happen??

So as I am filling out my new 2007 calendar I come to this one date - the mythical one. And it's real. Scary.


Jules said...

So what is the mythical event?

fenneke said...

very curious here too :)

fenneke said...

8 years ago... we were in Japan then, right?

machiruda said...

Oh, really? Then it's probably 7 years. Still, the event doesn't really matter. It's more that 7/8 years ago we (actually, a bunch of others) thought of this meeting that we should have in 2007 .... thinking that 2007 would neeeever happen. Yeah right. It's totally silly anyway.