January 03, 2007


I said I don't do resolutions. Well, I don't. But I do have plans for this year of course!

Amongst the most obvious: find a proper job.
Today was my first day back at the office and it was quite a shock walking into the canteen and realizing that I have now been at this place for 1,5 years! I think I owe a colleague of mine a bottle of champagne as a result of the bet we made and which I have now officially lost (if I would have left this job before Dec 31 I would have won the champagne - something that seemed inevitable when we made the deal back in oh, March ....).

But anyway, what else.

I've been looking for my first plane tickets again - I figure I might as well travel if I can't do any fun work.

So - advice please: My Russian visa is still valid until April 1, so I would love to go to St. Petersburg before then (read: end of March). However, there's only a very small chance that my Petersburg friend will be in town at that time from her regular life in Japan. Plus it's going to be COLD! And dark. Not something I particularly need at the end of what will most likely be a very long winter. Still... should I go? (oh, minor detail - if friend isn't there I need accomodation which will make things a lot more expensive... yikes)

Other travel possibilities for now seem to be the US (NYC, Washington DC and Maine) in early summer, and Spain in September. Oh, and London hopefully and another short trip somewhere. But as always, things will undoubtedly change before I know it.

And besides that I'm mostly just looking forward to a lot of fun stuff that's planned in the next few weeks - concerts, parties, good stuff.

Happy 2007! This year will definitely be better than last (*^-^*)


fenneke said...

st petersburg is defenitely worth a visit! neva hotel is ok i think (see also, ehm, www.tozai.nl?) so go, even though your friend's not there, you'll have a great time!

machiruda said...

I should huh... Will have a look at that hotel, thanks!