January 11, 2007

Random bullets

I have a few things in my head, but can't get them written out. This is the gist of it, in any case.

  • Inspiration - why can't it just be? I can feel it is kind of back, partly due to a very fun Monday night (see also the next bullet), which is very good. But still - I just want it to stay. Especially because every time I'm on a high, that high gets higher and unfortunately the inevitable low is lower than before.
  • Inefficiency - I have had an afternoon full of amazement. To give you the story very quickly, last year I applied for a volunteer job and didn't get it due to lack of experience (the magic word). Today, after another round of complete inefficiency on their side, I was back for another interview for a slightly different volunteer job. It turned out not to be an interview, but more an announcement to tell me I had the job (yay!). Somewhere in between was mentioned that they aren't quite happy with whoever ended up with last year's job. Gosh, really? Where are snarky responses when you need them!
  • Office politics - My boss is letting me in on all kinds of confidential stuff which is good (especially because my position is the most insecure - again). But so annoying, because my colleagues are still doing the same thing which is completely going to change in a few weeks and then I'll be stuck (partly) with trying to fix things. Gah. I hate how everything in this office needs to be so politicized, in a sense.


cheruchan said...

hey! try to cling on to Monday's energy.. Apparently you had it too.. If I could have that every day I would be able to move mountains, and have a huge hangover every next day.. Anyways, you felt it! ;)

machiruda said...

Yes - moving mountains, that's what it sometimes feels like doesn't it. I love that feeling!

So far, the feeling is still somewhat there (although the mountains are slightly smaller) and sent off a bunch of stuff which is good. And it's the weekend, yay!

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