January 07, 2006

Movies! From penguins to samurai to Jedi

It's been quite the movieweek the last few days. And it's taking some time to adjust to each new movie too!

The last few nights I went from the penguin-documentary (beautifully shot, but pleeeaase stop the annoying Dutch/Flemish narration) to a Japanese version of King Lear, a.k.a. Ran (乱) from Kurosawa (I'm turning into a fan, can someone please get me the dvd-collectors-boxes? Both sets?) to Jedi-warfare in Revenge of the Sith (entertaining enough for a Friday night, although good acting is clearly not required).

As I'm writing, my tv is on another Japanese samurai film: Gohatto from Nagisa Oshima. It looks interesting, with a major role for Takeshi Kitano, but I think this will go on my Still To Watch-movielist...

Am impatiently waiting for the programme of the IFFR to become public. I try to go when I'm around and it hasn't disappointed yet. It's always unusual, and the movies are not always equally good but it definitely makes for an interesting night (or two).

For now though, おやすみ!

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