January 07, 2006

Japanese vs. French

I'm confused.

After coming back from Tokyo last summer I decided that it was time again to start working on my French. I've studied it for 6 years in high school, but having spent the years after that solely on Japanese my knowledge of French was now pretty much non-existent.

So, I have a French tutor, a regular French lunchdate and I do bits and pieces myself. And have hardly touched any Japanese stuff since.

Don't like this at all though. My French is not improving as quickly as I had hoped (mostly because I'm too lazy to work for it!), but I'm also afraid to lose my Japanese. Gah. The last week or so I've started reading Japanese again but I know that once my French lessons start up again (in two days, this weekend should really be spent doing my homework) I need to stop because it'll just interfere.

Solutions anyone? How do you juggle languages?

Maybe I should just forget both and join my colleagues on Monday for their intensive Russian course! Who knows, Kazakhstan might not be so far away after all then ;)

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