January 15, 2006

Back from Barcelona

The weekend was fabulous.
Barcelona is an amazing city, the trip was too short (with too long travelling hours) but it felt as if we were away for a much longer time.

A few highlights:

* lunch in the sun under palm trees (at Placa Reial, and in January!)

* cava and oysters as a start of a gorgeous dinner

* Barcelona views from Parc Guell

* dancing and drinking at La Paloma; or, how a ballroom dance event for 40+ aged Barcelonites changes into a packed techno-night in seconds

* and much more: Sagrada Familia, Fondacio Joan Miro, Barri Gotic, El Raval etc etc.

* oh and, on the flight back the sky was clear blue and I spent ages gazing out at the French Alps... Tall mountains, all completely snowed under, breathtaking views that went on forever.

To keep a bit of the Barcelona feeling, I'll be starting in Carlos Ruis Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind.

(and I hope to have pictures up soon too!)


Cookie time said...

great to hear you had a good time, thought about you having fun while i was hitting the (study) books :-) Look forward to your pics!! And now it's back to the real world, grmpf

bonny said...

How can a weekend be enough?!:)My Dutch friend who has been to Spain before recommends me to spend at least one month there...:P
BTW, if you are fond of dancing, you can try Ibiza, have u been there before,I wonder?
Me too, looking forward to your fancy fotos!^^

machiruda said...

As I don't have a digicam myself I'm dependent on my friend, but hopefully she'll email soon :)

Bonny, I would love to spend more time in Barcelona! There's so much to see. One disappointment was that some of the Gaudi-houses (La Pedrera and Casa Batllo) were both closed for maintenance on exactly last weekend. Ah well, just another reason to go back once.

Spain is now definitely a top place on my list of places to go. I'd love to go for about four weeks or so in late spring (May-ish sounds good), rent a car and tour around... Hmmm. But first some other places in Europe! :-D