January 22, 2006

I felt like a few more pictures....

In the Barri Gotic

@ Parc Guell

Casa Battlo (which we couldn't see from the inside due to maintenance unfortunately...)


Jules said...

Love the photos!

Gaudi was an amazing architect - some truly unique buildings in Barcelona due to his amazing vision.

machiruda said...

Definitely. His work does put a unique mark on the city.

Although I was surprised by the old city as well. Somehow I had an idea of Barcelona of really only Gaudi architecture, which obviously isn't very realistic to begin with.
I loved the old part, Barri Gotic, and it was an unexpected part too. My image of Barcelona was just very different so it was nice to see these surprises.

I was quite annoyed about not being able to see either two of the Gaudi houses. On the other hand, it gave us an opportunity to see yet another part of the city (Montjuic - sp?) and the Miro museum, which was ... uhm... interesting... (not my kind of art, but cool to see for once). And of course it gives me a good reason to go back there once! (and combine it with an extended visit to the rest of the country)

TessaJ said...

Ah. Pictures = Good.

Oh, I can't wait for the architecture of Barcelona!

machiruda said...

Tessa, unfortunately I'm dependent on others for pictures otherwise I'd probably post more :(

When will you be heading to Barca?

Anonymous said...

good blog machi