January 16, 2006


[Update nr. 2]
I've officially given up. From today onwards you can download a form to order tickets. Everything that's in by the 23rd gets put into a lottery. I really can't be bothered anymore so I won't be going this year.

Ah well, Barcelona did enough harm to my bank account as it is so 'tis not so bad. Something else fun will come up I'm sure. Speaking of which, it's Leiden's jazz week next week! Should be fun :)

So after the disaster on Monday, my friends and I were all ready at 15:00h for round 2 of ordering tickets for the Leids Cabaret Festival.

What followed were a bunch of error messages.

At 15:06 all four evenings were supposedly sold out.

A few minutes later only the final night was partly sold out, but still only error messages when trying to order.

At 15:45 the site went down again....

I'm sure it can be difficult to have such an event go smoothly, but this is getting out of hand.
Oh well, only 1,5 hours more of work, and then it's the weekend: Barcelona!!

Buying pre-sale tickets for a hugely popular event sucks!

On my initiative a group of my friends want to go to the Leids Cabaret Festival next month.
Tickets came on sale 50 minutes ago. We've decided on the semi-final which means that we're only allowed two tickets per person [try to organize this amongst a group of working people... it took all week to figure out who has internet access, who has a creditcard etc].

Of course, the site has been down since the sale started...

This isn't even anything like a mega-concert for U2 or any of those things that sell out immediately. I can't believe it's always so difficult to get tickets for this.

Of course, each time that I've been was loads of fun, but this is just really really annoying... [especially since I'm not very sure now if all 9 of us will be able to get tickets].

One of my friends just spoke to one of the people of the organisation. Apparently there's smoke coming from the server! Haha, I sure hope they'll organize this slightly better next year. [but in the meantime, no tickets yet...]

Just home from work and French tutorial to find the website for the LCF announcing that due to technical problems tickets will now go on sale on Thursday. Is it just me or is this totally non-professional? I kind of think they should have seen such a crash on the site coming...


Cookie time said...

i guess it won't help to tell you that we allready have tickets for the final..... you gotta love the 'abonnementen' option. Good luck thursday!!

machiruda said...

Poo. Unfair :(
I wasn't back yet when the whole abonnementen-thing-deadline was so couldn't get them that way.

And anyways, my reasoning is that in the semi-final you will get more for your money's worth: more comedians but the least talented ones have already been weeded out.

Hmm, putting it like that sounds a bit mean, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

Cookie time said...

sorry to hear it didn't work out, but have MASSIVE fun in Barcelona and have some tapas and think of me studying like mad this weekend! Report back on how it was!!!

machiruda said...

Barcelona was amazing! Great city.

And well, I'm about to give up on getting tickets. I really can't be bothered anymore... what a mess.

Cookie time said...

that sucks!

machiruda said...

Forgot to say, you'll have to tell me how it was! (and what I missed out on, of course)