October 17, 2007

In Orbit

Soyuz to ISS
Originally uploaded by macchi.

(I'm cheating, as this is not really 'our' Soyuz, but it's close enough. Can't find the proper pictures)

Friday, a year. That's how long MetOp has been in orbit, after finally finally a successful launch in October 2006. And it's being celebrated of course.

Received an invitation today for this party and I'm ridiculously excited about it and can't wait to go. Funny in a way, although I've always complained about the content of the work that I was doing there, the organisation itself was fun and very interesting. And definitely can't complain about the freedom I was given in doing whatever I wanted.

I am really looking forward to seeing my ex-colleagues again, and it is one of the few places of work that I've stayed in touch with after leaving.

Despite all that, resigning in April was the best decision I've made all year. I can't quite believe how different my life is right now - new job, new guy, great friends - I'll just keep on enjoying this for now....

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