October 14, 2007

Video fame

I always feel weird seeing myself back on film - the voice is odd, the person on the screen doesn't look like me [or, at least not like the 'me' I think I am] etc.

I just watched back an interview I did in May. A simulated job interview for a national career magazine - for them it's to fill up pages in their magazine, for me it was purely to get feedback on how I interview and to use that to improve my interview skills.

So weird. Although, it didn't feel as weird seeing it now as I had expected, but still... not sure what to think at all!

On the good side, this was one of the meetings in late spring that finally pushed me into trying out new things and realizing more what I needed to do. And I have the job I want now. So it definitely wasn't bad.

And now it's up on the web and in print for the whole country to see. Yikes.

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