October 29, 2007

Less cryptic

Okay, I wasn't quite expecting that response to my previous post. Here's an attempt at explaining things more clearly.

In the back of my mind there have always been two careerpaths that I've wanted to pursue, that seemed like the best careers I could want, doing challenging, different and interesting work.

With the new job I'm now at the beginning of one of those two. Yay!

The second one of those is something I've always dreamt about but I have never seen a way of making it happen. It would demand a lot of discipline, a lot of guts, and I suppose I've been lazy or not confident enough in my capabilities - and have decided to pursue the first career actively. For the moment. With (belated) success. It's still in the back of my mind, and I have vague plans of returning to it at some point in the future when life is more settled down. The only way I would be able to start in this before is if a vacancy would come up, a position that would launch me in this career but would also give me an advantage as it would ask for some very specific skills that I definitely have. But clearly this would never happen.

THAT very job has just been advertised.


Bernadette said...

Now you are tickling my curiosity... just give us a hint of this amazing, always dreamt of careerpath!! And Machi don't hesitate writing... because you know that most people who will finally end up getting the job are usually those who are among the first people responding! Good luck, and throw us - your faithful readers - a bone!

Wiki said...

may i ask what the other dream career is?

I'd apply. Just to see.

fenneke said...

You silly! can't find a 'proper' job for months (years?) and now suddenly two in a row! but hey, go for it i'd say, and if it doesn't work out you still have your current, pretty fab already job.