October 13, 2007

A new favourite [updated]

The gig on Friday by Wir Sind Helden was great! I guess I can add a new favourite band to an evergrowing list. At the least, a new addition to my cd-collection. Perfect music for a happy mood like this afternoon.

Can't wait for the other live music things that I have planned.... Finally some drum'n'bass again in two weeks time, possibly Miss Kittin the week after, and finally the Arcade Fire in November. Yeah.


It's two weeks later, but have more to add to the above list:
Aphrodite was great (but short)
Miss Kittin is a definite by now
Seeing Flip Kowlier and Tom Pintens in Antwerp (am currently listening to Flip's music to find out what I'll be seeing)
And I should maybe also be seeing a musical or something similar in Brussels next month...

Good stuff (*^-^*)

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