October 21, 2007

*bounce bounce*

Ugh, I'm starting to bore myself with the bouncey-happy feeling of the last couple of weeks. Suppose I can't complain though, wouldn't want it to be any other way!

Anyway, the weekend was fab - as always:


I've been emailing with Julia about her upcoming move to the Netherlands... it's made me realize I wouldn't have a clue how to go about something huge like that myself. I haven't even been able to help much with her questions as moving here from abroad seems to require very different information than what I know of this country... or so it seems to me.

Another friend of mine has just done the same - but then moving from Tokyo to New York. Eek again!

I know I've lived abroad a fair bit myself, but then everything was perfectly arranged - whole organisations (in the case of Australia and the first time in Japan) or an instant social network (in the case of the last time in Japan) were there for me to set me up and keep me going. I'm not sure how I would handle something different if the opportunity came up... which is not totally unlikely in the future.


iggy said...

Happy is good! You always sound like you have great weekends.

machiruda said...

Hehe, good that it also sounds that way! Because yes, lately they have been.... *bounce*

Julia said...

You ARE helping and I appreciate just being in touch with you.

6 weeks to go!