October 21, 2006

Launch parties

I might just have a new favourite type of party: post-launch parties.

Those are very very good parties.

It was amazing to see all my colleagues and team members being ecstatically (sp?) happy on Thursday night after the sixth attempt to launch was successful. I think that for many of them they will never see a launch more beautiful that the one that night. I will probably have to agree.

The party was a long but very good night of bottle after bottle of champagne. I don't know what happened - it started off strange in a sterile room full of bright lights and no champagne waiting for us - but it turned into a very fun night. People were acting quite strangely though - but that was to be expected. What else, after being able to let go of all the frustration and the huge relief that this time finally the satellite is flying. And what's more - it's flying beautifully with hardly any problems so far.


daniel leussink said...

people acting quite strangely at post-launch parties? why is that?

amazing it finally worked out okay. congrats on the flying satellite. and congrats for seeing a satellite launch up close yourself.

machiruda said...

Well, the last few months of this campaign have been very tough on the time, and with two additional delay no one was confident anymore that it would go on Thursday. With so much built up frustration and so on people were bound to act funny ;-)