October 13, 2006


Well, this isn't very adventurous: I'm home. And loving it.

It's only for a few hours, and am off again tomorrow but can't wait to be properly home again after next week.

Tonight is unfortunately a lot of boring stuff - catching up on mail, re-packing but at least with good pizza from my favourite Italian place and finally good music in the background again.

But I think I should go to zzleep zzzoon....


Cookie time said...

Welcome home babe, even if its only for a short while. Look forward to properly catching up with you once your back for good!! ;-) Have a good flight tomorrow!

machiruda said...

Cheers chica :) and yes, now that we both have Princess days we definitely have to catch up. Oh wait, you didn't do appointments then huh. And oh, I shouldn't do any appointments then either. We'll talk soon though!