October 15, 2006

Hotels and families

Well, this afternoon was quite strange - mostly because I was kind of shocked that there were quite a few family members that I didn't even recognize. Admittedly, I saw some of these few people last when they were about 10 and that was probably four years ago or so, but still.

Nevertheless, a good party - my parents organized well with fabulous food (okay, out of professional habit I guess) and drinks.

A few moments struck me which made me realize that sometimes, just every now and then, I miss living in our old house (a hotel) and the habits and such that came with it.

- the morning of cutting up fresh fish, vegetables etc and decorating dishes reminded me mostly of so many Christmasses in the past: working non-stop for days in the kitchen and restaurant to make sure Christmas dinner for so many people in the restaurant would be as they expect it to - with gorgeous food and great atmosphere. The final night of those Christmas days (after at least three/four days of hard work) was always the best. The 26th of December would always finish with everyone dropping their work at about 11pm after the final guests had left, and then ordering any food they wanted and have a great meal. Those dinners are still the best Christmas dinners in my mind.

- cleaning up after everyone had left and seeing rows and rows of dirty glasses - another thing that was so much part of everyday life at the hotel. The amount of glasses I've washed and cleaned and dried is uncountable.

Yep, weird stuff, but life at the hotel was good. Oh, and of course the choice of about 10 different kinds of ice cream to chose from whenever I felt like it helped! ;-)


Jules said...

I had no idea you used to live in a hotel! That must have been a really unique childhood.

Sounds like you had a great time at your parents' wedding anniversary celebration.

machiruda said...

Teehee, yes, I guess it's quite different from how you usually live as a kid :-) It has been very good though, most of the time.