August 09, 2007


I've been thinking for some time that I want to start doing some new things.

So, I've just signed up for an evening class on theater! It doesn't start until another 1,5 months but I'm already really looking forward to it. Something completely new, that I've never done before. Can't wait!

[update - actually, 'acting' is not completely new. I was telling someone this evening about the movie a bunch of us made a few years ago. SO much fun! But of course, it doesn't really count as proper 'acting'.]


iggy said...

Sounds great! Would love to read about how it goes.

machiruda said...

Am not quite expecting me to turn into a natural acting talent ;-) It's funny though, I started thinking about doing this for very different reasons, and now that I've actually signed up all I can think is, Yay! Fun!