August 13, 2007

The complexities of dating

Having a lot of friends in relationships by now, I'm mostly left to fend for myself when it comes to dating.

Which is not a bad thing in itself. Except that I feel that I’m slowly becoming brainwashed by all these horror stories on American-style dating (rules? huh?) and whatever other styles are out there. Clearly I’m still quite firmly set in Dutch reality (Groningse nuchterheid?) which is very very good. It all seems to be a hell of a lot more confusing than how it used to be in university though. At that time you just sort of end up hooking up with a friend of a friend at a friend’s party or something like that.

Maybe I’m getting too old for that, but somehow it doesn’t seem to be how it works anymore. Which is leading to some interesting evenings and new people… Fun, but sometimes a bit too complicated for my liking.

(and yes, this is the drawback of a non-anonymous blog – am not sharing any more, you’ll have to live with the crypticness)


Wiki said...

i had similar thoughts too, but after the last few weeks i found out it is still the same. just a little bit more straight forward.

the thing that makes me kinda sad is that so many people talk negativ about their partners or are cheating (maybe thats just them talking to much hot air).
it just makes me wonder if i really want a partner.

machiruda said...

>> so many people talk negativ about their partners or are cheating <<

really? wow, luckily I don't have that around me. I think I have quite a few pretty happy relationships around me...

Wiki said...

could be that a touring job is the wrong field to look for healthy relationships.