August 01, 2007


I quite like wandering around airports, seeing people rushing around - coming back from farflung places full of stories or leaving for weeks of adventure. Or at least, that's how my mind romanticizes it.

I'm at the airport three times in four days this week. But only one of them is for a fun occassion: picking up a friend who I haven't seen for a long time (actually, when I explain to friends who's coming over - a Russian friend who lives in Japan and is transitting through AMS - the next question is usually: Oh, I suppose you haven't seen her for a very long time then, right? Uhm, not quite - three months. That's actually less than some of my real life friends at home!)

Unfortunately the other two occassions are not so fun: seeing off the friend above, and today waving off a good friend at home who's off to the jungle of Uganda for six months. Sigh.

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Cookie time said...

I love airports as well. Even if I have to wait around to check in or board. The buzz, the people, the stories, just terrific!