August 09, 2007


With final job discussions still a week away I'm starting to become a bit nervous. I'm quite convinced that they'll offer a good package but still. I'll hold off on the champagne for now just in case.

But, I have told lots of people including my current place of work. And as always, it's not until you leave that you find people are suddenly different. My boss seems to have been in shock for the past few days. Oops. And other colleagues who I hardly ever speak to are also coming up to congratulate me and to say how sorry they are that I'm leaving. Okay, that is the thing you do but considering the short time I've been here and that this isn't even official yet it's still a bit surprising. Oh well.

I hope to be out of there in 2 weeks and can't wait!


Wiki said...

i'm sure they will make you a good offer. just this waitung time.........

machiruda said...

yeah... well, you know all about it, hope you get it sorted soon too!